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Make Her Melt Like Chocolate

Beschle's: Séduction Noire Chocolate Close UpSo, you want to make a grand gesture, but you're out of ideas?

Here's something from Switzerland that will show that you still “got it”, while keeping it classy and stylish.

Chocolate maker Beschle's: Séduction Noire Gift Box. Combining no less than three different kinds of dark chocolates.

The 1. Grand Cru Criollo Maracaibo, 2. Grand Cru Trinitario Madagascar and 3. Grand Cru Santo Domingo.

Not impressed yet? Fine. Here is some fine wine to go with the chocolate: the Burgundy Pinot Noir “Cuvée Prestige N ° 1” by André Ziltener.

Personally I'd prefer whiskey, but women tend to dislike that stuff ;) REALLY too bad...hehe.

Burgundy Pinot Noir “Cuvée Prestige N ° 1” Beschle's: Séduction Noire Chocolate

 Beschle's: Séduction Noire Gift Box


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