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Wine and Dine, With Wine Chocolate

DeVine CollectionFinally, wine and chocolate! It seems that "the land down under" is going up.

This Australian Chocolate is called the: DeVine Collection.

Combining Ghanian cocoa, and grapes. Both of which have a naturally high antioxidants count. Here you've two of the most taste rich sensations know to the world!

Can Lingerie Be Too Classy?

Damaris Mimi Holliday Front There are definite advantages to being a man with a sense of style, and an appreciation for lingerie!

Yeah, we're not thinking about the same things here, man. So stop with the sexual innuendos already, haha!

High Hopes Gisele Bunchen Burlesque

Burlesque Lingerie Front Here: Gisele Bündchen’s campaign images for 2011.

Following the revelation of her, GB intimates, In Sao Paulo back in May.

Colombian Pineapple Chocolate Bar

Time for some chocolate, and make that Colombian chocolate! In fact I never heard of a pineapple chocolate bar before!

Wear Less And Live Longer

BodyPaint Wear Less Live LongerI just love it when science catches up with me.

Finally they're telling women to wear less for longer lives. I've said the same things, for years...

Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar

Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar We've all been there. You've selected the movie you we want, but now you're stuck on the most important bit. You know. Should I buy chocolate, or chips!

Make Her Melt Like Chocolate

Beschle's: Séduction Noire Chocolate Close UpSo, you want to make a grand gesture, but you're out of ideas?

Here's something from Switzerland that will show that you still “got it”, while keeping it classy and stylish.

Chocolate maker Beschle's: Séduction Noire Gift Box. Combining no less than three different kinds of dark chocolates.

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