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Agent Provocateur LAST Day Sale

Agent Provocateur  SaleThis is just a quick notice, IF you like Agent Provocateur NOW is the time to buy.

They're having a sale, and you get up to 75% off the original price! The sale ends the 31th, that means, today.

Bellow are some items currently on sale:

Carine Gilson's Summer of 2011

Oden has been busy on Google+. That’s a definite (+) for me =), BUT a definite (–) for ALL people on that network (people, my sympathies).

Meanwhile, I've been working on some thematic posts. They're looking good so far, but not yet finished.

Icon Fleur of England go Iconic

Time for me to post again. Well, Primadonna's turn really, but she said she is working on something... It's supposed to be some sort of series, we'll see!

I've been enjoying G+ lately, and with that in mind I give you Fleur of England - Iconic.

Made by Niki because A String Can Do It!

Made by Niki Well this is not Nike, BUT I bet they still can do it! OK, my smart mouth aside… there's some excellent lingerie from England. Made by Niki definitely fits the bill.

I've a theory. The pictures are bellow btw, for those who had enough of me already!

My theory goes: countries with bad weather really need their creativity.

Why? No sunshine, equals no fun when you go outside.

With the summer Sweden has had somebody is sure to come up with a time machine. So we at least can go back in time for some sunshine.

Chocolate Guide: A Piece of Paradise

Chocolate From Wikipedia!It’s time we learn about the different types of chocolate. In fact… it’s time that we learn to speak… chocolate (crunch, crunch…)!

I’ve added a few tweaks here and there, as to augment the original tutorial with pictures. It’s really easy to follow.

I mean who wants to spend too much time understanding chocolate? When you can experience it first hand =) (Original credits at the end of this revised tutorial)

Print Your Own Chocolate Designs

Chocolate PrintLately, we've featured a lot of lingerie, so... time for some chocolate!

British scientists have made it possible to print out your OWN chocolate-designs.

Ultimo Sporting the Ultimate Fresh Look?

Who can really say NO (!) to a lot of pictures with women in lingerie?

Ultimo are proud to make underwear that fits in the ranges of an A-cup to G-cup.

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