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France, winter is coming?

Chantal Thomass 1Chantal Thomass has decided it's time for winter (winter is coming…)!

Sweden just started to see real sunshine; we're rather obstinate in this regard. You have to admit I fit that big word in beautifully (or not...).

Due to both authors Inherit flamboyance, and well, personal stuff. We have not updated the blog as much as we'd wanted. We do hope to do better by you!

Oh, what about the important stuff? What, what! The lingerie, you know the stuff you write about... Oh, well. Retro is in, but summer is even more IN-citing.

In all fairness I like what I see. Maybe I'll ask the model over for some Swedish strawberries and chocolate! I'll just tell Primadonna go and pick some!


Chantal Thomass 2


Chantal Thomass 3


Chantal Thomass 4



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