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Real Amazons, Real Chocolate, Real Fairtrade

The Kallari Chocolate get special mentioning as it deserves it. The chocolate is the best organic chocolate in the world (Fairtrade) bar none. Yes, pun intended!

Megan Fox Does Armani, Video Inside!

Megan Fox Armani We need to stay on top of Megan Fox literally, and any other angle you might come up with.

Urban, Vikings and Lingerie

BabyPhat - Get Lost Here we go with some urban-lingerie. Their name alone is memorable: Babyphat.

Clearly, the "Get Lost" is a reference to the TV show. I mean they kinda did get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

The second set works well with me. Show up like this on my doorstep, and start making
me a home cooked meal, and I might like you!

Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Love

I'm happy to present another good Fairtrade, AND Organic chocolate brand.

Destiny's Child in Lingerie Reunion

Destiny's Child in Lingerie Reunion They might not have performed together in like five years. Still, it seems a few of them still are friends and socialize on occasion.

The occasion being Kelly Rowland's recent 30th birthday. They entered Coco de Mer which sells high end sex toys, and lingerie.

Married with Minnesota Vikings?

MINNESOTA VIKINGS Inspired Wedding Garter Set with Marabou PoufWell, I was browsing and I found this interesting football inspired wedding Garter.

I'll not even go into the fact that you Americans call something you pick up and run with a FOT-ball...(Ooops!)

Obviously, I picked this item because of Vikings. Blame my Norse blood!

Happy Valentine's 2011

Your Heart on a String It's Valentine's so I wish all you good people a great one. Well, I wish it to the people who like being BAD...too!
Watch out and don't get all messy, and stuff ;>

With strength,

A Book so Real You Can Taste It!

By far the best *hidden* surprise Valentine's gift I've seen in a while.  What's so good with it? It's so...unexpected.

You really expect it to be
an encyclopedia type-of book.

In fact, you should make a show of putting emphasis on: "hey, look what I've gotten you for Valentine's!".

Mr. Chocolate Says: be My Valentine!

Mr Chocolate Be My Valentine 

We're all tired of what Simon says, so let's heed somebody else!
Take a look at this assortment, and you'll defiantly find something to your


With strength,


Myla Combine Like Mmmlingerie

It's nice to see the ladies @ Myla keeping it in style. You can still take advantage of this offer, if you hurry. The last day is today: 2011-02-12.

UK Celebrity Bras Against Cancer

UK Celebrity Bras Against CancerTriumph has shown great character and compassion by donating bras for this event.

40 celebrities and designers have been keeping busy customizing bras in aid of a breast cancer charity. Joanna Lumley, Helen Lederer and Claudia Winkleman are among the chosen.

What Lingerie gets Tyra Banks Hot?

Tyra Banks Ceylon Bra HotpantsThe time has come for Tyra Banks. It seems our model of choice likes Cosabella lingerie.

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