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Hanky Panky Lingerie Sale

Hanky Panky Lingerie Sale
Time for some Hanky Panky! The brand is rather familiar in the US. However, it's not that known on the European market. Now is the time to get to know the brand intimately, AND at half price!

They have some pretty items; I would not call it high fashion, but rather design lingerie with function and hotness. Ouch, that was one long sentence!

My English teacher would cry me a river, but as tears are salty I guess the Pacific Ocean is a testament to his past failures =)

Back to Hanky Panky. Their name suites them well. It's fun but nothing too serious with a glint in the eye.

In fact, that is how I look at Oden. A slight annoyance, but nothing serious. Like a fly trying to fly out of a closed window, bump and bump and...

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