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Payard French Wine Inspired Chocolates

Payard ChocolateIf you happen to be free on the 27th this month, and you want a taste of France. Then you'll need to go to NYC. Yup, that's right.
Why? Well let ME ask YOU, this: do you like chocolate? If your answer is yes, further argument is just...
Princess Madeleine
Princess Madeleine

I need to go to NYC? Sweet, any particular part of New York City? I mean it's kinda big. *Sigh*

You could just roam the streets, as you might just run into Princess Madeleine (älskling)! Yeah, she is a REAL princess, and all other women just ACT like they're. @Primadonna, Sup!

Now, stop arguing, and read this.
Taste a new line of chocolates created by Francois Payard exclusively for the event that are inspired by the flavors of Bourdeaux wines.
Here is the address: 82 Mercer Street (between Broome and Spring Streets) New York City.

Oh, and here is an exclusive offer where you can find Payard and fine wine (I'd avoid the wine):
If anybody asks, somebody else leaked the info... not me!

With strength,
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