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Lovely Lingerie My EX Wore that Brand

Polat-Yildiz-212-black-white-grayWe've a slight propensity to look for the more artful lingerie on this site.

The big brands are not always original enough (sorry!). You know, the downside of mass production!

Besides do you really want to surprise him on Valentine's with the same lingerie his EX wore!

With the indisposition of men in general: "Hunny, I love your new lingerie, my EX wore THAT brand but in black!"

The mood gone, ruined, and a big fight in the making!

I covertly asked Oden the same question. He just replied: what's wrong with being honest?

Honesty indeed! However, most of us prefer it in small dosages, AND under the right circumstances.

You're in luck as I found this cute outfit. It's definitely not a brand common on the EU/US market. You'll have to find a way to buy it though, as I saw no way to do so through their webpage!


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