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Piper Heidsieck Brut Rose Sauvage Champagne & Exotic Truffle Collection
I noticed we'd not featured Vosgeschocolate before.
It's an American brand, and it seems that mostly US
brands do the sales drive where chocolate is concerned.

I'd personally want to see this trend in all matters chocolate. What am I talking about? A valid and good question, but let me finish this single malt first!

OK! When you look at lingerie, there're sales worldwide during the Holiday season.

This is not the case with chocolate. In fact, the majority of the exclusive brands don't even bother.

Agent Provocateur is doing great, and they're one of the more prestigious brands in the lingerie business. They're also doing great financially, so maybe the chocolate brands should do the same...*hint*hint*

Exotic 4 pieces Truffle Collection
Obviously, there're a lot of people who do not believe the hype of  "supposed" superior chocolate. Especially, when the prices are so superior
that you don't feel like even chancing it!

@Primadonna my liver is fine, thank you! At least I don't EAT that stuff haha.

With strength,
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