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Chocolate that Can Save: Swedish Monarchy!

Godiva Ultimate Collection

To answer your question: Yes! Sweden is still a monarchy, well, sorta.

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the court as of late!

Who'd thought that all those novels, history and all other fable like literature had a ring of truth to them? Bah!

Dear, oh dear, whatever am I talking about? Infidelity! Our beloved king has a pimp!

The royal "Pimp" is being charged not for "pimpdom", but for "bookkeeping". Swedish Monarchy is in upheaval, because nobody expected a king to act like what? A king?

So what does this have to do with chocolate?

Simple we don't have any prestigious chocolate brands in Sweden.
Why do you think us Vikings went on a rampage to begin with?

1. Godiva Ultimate Collection:

"One glance at the sheer span of this impressive gift box and you know you’re onto something grand. Unprecedented in size and unmatched in scope, our Ultimate Collection is a new way to lavish the VIPs on your holiday list with a luxurious chocolate experience like no other. All told, 36 assorted chocolates, 20 assorted signature truffles, and 23 assorted biscuits are included. Large enough for full-scale holiday entertaining. 79 pcs. (2 lbs., 1.45 oz.)"

2. Neuhaus - Gift Box Deluxe:

"This classic box contains 12 different items, from our pralines to truffles to tablets and bars. We've also included some of the most special Neuhaus pralines: Manons, Caprice and Tentation. Please click on "Composition Info" for full details."

3. Artisanduchocolte Feast Wicker Hamper:

"This wicker hamper, made of stained willow with dark brown leather straps and handle, is beyond indulgence and fit for a real feast. It holds a box of 30 couture chocolates, a 200g box of assorted truffles, a 140g. box of liquid salted caramels, a box of assorted Os, a 200g box of chocolate pearls, five bars, a drum of nougatine, a drum of candied gingers, a drum of scorched almonds, a jar of drinking chocolate flakes, a 500g. wild bar, a drum of our artisan rochers and a pot of saucy spread."


4. Godiva Chocolate Extravagance:

"Tower: SPECIAL VALUE. 20% OFF. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. ONLINE ONLY.Making a big impression, our dramatic Chocolate Extravagance Gift Tower begins with our 105 pc. Gold Ballotin, then builds from there. Also includes our 36 pc. Biscuit Gift Box, 18 pc. Truffle Gift Box, 27 pc. Dark Chocolate Gift Box, 12 pc. Dark Truffle Gift Box, 8 pc. Gold Ballotin, and 4 pc. Truffle Box.Tied with our elegant Thank You ribbon. A fine luxury chocolate gift tower sure to please any recipient. (5 lbs., 11.25 oz.)"

5. Lake Champlain Chocolates:

9 month Chocolate Lovers Club membership:
"Signature Chocolate Gift Basket 30-piece Assorted Chocolate Truffles 30-piece Lake Champlain Selection 1 lb Almond Butter Crunch 15-piece Organic Chocolate Truffles Five-Star Bar Assortment of five bars 12-piece Chocolates of Vermont Gift Bag Box of Pecan Caramel Clusters Vermont Country Chocolate Gift Basket"

With strength,
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