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Chocolate Pre-Preparation for Valentine's Valentine's

Oden, why are you writing this? When we just came out of the holiday season alive.

We were just able to banish our more annoying family members. Well, that is: until our next time around!

Normally, I'd wait to consider Valentine's, but there can never be too much love, or can there?

Chocolate from Franschocolates

I admit I do like what: has to offer. I mean, take a peek for yourself.

Or don't, because you'll probably curse my name for being right, if you DO go there.

Primadonna was somewhat jaded about my postings. She can be SO… negative!

Then I recalled Primadonna's New Year resolution: verbally win at least once!
I give her an (A) for effort, but a (F) for performance.

Haha, such a splendid start to 2011 don’t you think?

With strength,

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