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Can Hyped Etam Lingerie Do It?

Karolina Kurkova Etam 2011

As you know. We DO like French fashion, or in this case lingerie.

When I heard about this NEW hype, Etam; I got a bit bemused. I keep tabs on divinity, and such trivial things.

"Etam" comes from the Biblical word which means: "their bird, their covering."



I doubt this biblical "cleverness" will be greeted with open arms by the American public. For such a liberal people they do have their quirks ;)

Then again, don't we all. Ahem, Primadonna!

Etam Paris Launch

Get to the Point?

Do you ever stop talking Oden, and just get to the point? Nah, girls like it. They call it four play, or something weird like that. Anyway here we go!

Great Prices

One phrase: COMPETETIVE PRICING. As they just launched you can make a real bargain for designer lingerie on their site.

I found some great looking, and classy items with minimal effort. Look
for yourself, you might find the perfect Valentine's gift at a great

Etam DARKNESSEtam MAYOTTEOne final advice: don't let HER know just HOW cheaply you got this though ;)

With strength,


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