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Chuao Chocolatier Best Chocolate 2011

Origins 77% Chocolate Bar We might have mentioned this somewhere in the passing, but that is no way to treat a winner! Is it? No!

This "Origins 77% Chocolate Bar" won the 2011 Good Food Awards. It’s Made exclusively from the Venezuelan Cacao de Chuao chocolate. No soy lecithin. no vanilla.

You also have a chance to win some chocolate "delights" if you visit
their Facebook. Links are bellow.

Can Hyped Etam Lingerie Do It?

Karolina Kurkova Etam 2011

As you know. We DO like French fashion, or in this case lingerie.

When I heard about this NEW hype, Etam; I got a bit bemused. I keep tabs on divinity, and such trivial things.

Megan Fox Rafael Nadal Armani Lingerie

New Megan Fox Armani LingerieThis is not really lingerie, but more suited to be called underwear. I doubt that will stop you from taking a peek though!

Then again it's Megan Fox AND Rafael Nadal in Armani. What's there not to like? No really, tell me.

Chocolate that Can Save: Swedish Monarchy!

Godiva Ultimate Collection

To answer your question: Yes! Sweden is still a monarchy, well, sorta.

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the court as of late!

Lovely Lingerie My EX Wore that Brand

Polat-Yildiz-212-black-white-grayWe've a slight propensity to look for the more artful lingerie on this site.

The big brands are not always original enough (sorry!). You know, the downside of mass production!

Payard French Wine Inspired Chocolates

Payard ChocolateIf you happen to be free on the 27th this month, and you want a taste of France. Then you'll need to go to NYC. Yup, that's right.

Fleur of England Lighthouse Lingerie

Fleur of England Boudoir

This is the Tease collection by Fleur of England. How do you readers like it? Please post a comment and let us know what you think.

Hanky Panky Lingerie Sale

Hanky Panky Lingerie Sale
Time for some Hanky Panky! The brand is rather familiar in the US. However, it's not that known on the European market. Now is the time to get to know the brand intimately, AND at half price!

Get Expensive Chocolate Cheaply

Piper Heidsieck Brut Rose Sauvage Champagne & Exotic Truffle Collection
I noticed we'd not featured Vosgeschocolate before.
It's an American brand, and it seems that mostly US
brands do the sales drive where chocolate is concerned.

30 Sites Luxury Sale Extravaganza Sale and 29 more...
Out with the old, and in with the new! I recently read an article about the shopping done in Milan, Italy at this time of the year.

During this sales window, every person on an average spends about 250 Euros. That is about 330 Dollars (with the current exchange rate).

Chocolate Pre-Preparation for Valentine's Valentine's

Oden, why are you writing this? When we just came out of the holiday season alive.

We were just able to banish our more annoying family members. Well, that is: until our next time around!

Laura Biagiotti Lingerie

Laura Biagiotti Model 992034
Laura Biagiotti might be more widely known for her perfumes, designer fragrances and colognes (fashion).

She had plans to become an archeologist, and then she  started to help out at her mother's dressmaking business. The rest, well, it is history...
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