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Ultimo Does Curves Proud

Ultimo Miracle Collection I can't but applaud Ultimo founder, and CEO Michelle Mone for her perseverance.

The match up: Ultimo and the 24-year-old Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato. Luisana is married to the singer Michael Buble.

Lingerie, Guns, and Explosions.

Damaris Packing HeatI like some Damaris lingerie, but their attempt at film noir....

You could just cut the film in half, and drop the pretense.

Obviously, black and white would suit this movie better.

Salon du Chocolat Fashion

Chocolate Fashion We wrote about this earlier, and here’s a few pictures that makes fashion look good.

Obviously, if you got the time and money go and visit!

Paris, France, and tasty chocolate equals a glorious combination of sensations.

Esty Lingerie and their Masked Lady

Mylene sleeping mask We waited a bit, and let the Cancer Awareness feature heavily for a while.

Here is lingerie from Esty Lingerie. I really like their Mylene sleeping mask. It's simple yet elegant. So there is definite promise.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Chelsea Manor Intimates, and Save The Ta-Tas' Foundation Chelsea Manor Intimates, and Save The Ta-Tas' Foundation has joined in an effort to raise Cancer Awareness.

Obviously, due to recent events, Cancer will be an even more uncomfortable topic than usual.

The way I see it is: if we can motivate just one person to a proactive approach, this post was more than worth it.

Salon du Chocolat World’s Largest Chocolate Show

Salon du Chocolat Salon du Chocolat is on its 17th year.

This year's big event is the Chocolate Fashion Show.
It’s held at 17:00 (5pm) paring well-known Chantal Thomass (I like their lingerie) with chocolatiers. What can I say? Mmmm!

Chocolate Festival. Merry X-mas!

London Southbank Centre Chocolate Festival If you have the time, and money for some travelling you might like this.
In London, Friday the 9th of December to the 11th of December there's a Chocolate Festival!

Yoon Eun Hye Calvin Klein

Yoon Eun Hye Calvin Klein 1 This is Yoon Eun Hye. You might recognize her from "Lie to Me." Also, worth mentioning: this was her FIRST lingerie shoot.

Normally, I don't consider Calvin Klein lingerie, but more in the underwear department.

12,000-Pound Chocolate Bar

12,000-Pound Chocolate Bar

What do you need for a 12,000-Pound Chocolate Bar?

Don't worry honey, I'll do the shopping! The list is as follows:

1,200 pounds of almonds, 5,500 pounds of sugar, 2,000 pounds of milk powder, 1,700 pounds of cocoa butter and 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness This is a breast cancer awareness post. One of the benefits of dealing with lingerie is: you develop a closer bond with your body.

Chocolate in a Vault

Richart ChocolatesI agree with this design. Not only does it protect your chocolate from greedy family members, but it also protects it from YOU.

With the current economy, the 850$ might be a stumbling block. However, chocolate in a vault speaks for itself. These are 850 reasons to enjoy yourself.

Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk This doesn't really need much introduction, because Irina Shayk is definitely happing right now.

If you want to see more of her, by all means...

Newcastle United Can They Score?

Newcastle United Lingerie It looks like Newcastle United has gone into the Lingerie Business. A good choice in my estimation.

I'm a soccer fan, and Newcastle United reached its high point whit Alan Shearer. He was the force that 
relentlessly drove the club forward.

Agent Provocateur, Paz de la Huerta, Always

Always Remember Your Agent Provocateurs Paz de la HuertaLuxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has a new face!

Paz de la Huerta, 27, and whom you might recall from the excellent show Boardwalk Empire.

Johan Renck, the director you should thank for thes videos bellow. He sum up the whole cheeky Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

Kardashian Lingerie

Kardashian Lingerie If you like the Kardashian style you should like their lingerie too. Their lingerie collection have some good pieces even though it seems a bit uneven style-wise.

If you hate the Kardashians…

Wine and Dine, With Wine Chocolate

DeVine CollectionFinally, wine and chocolate! It seems that "the land down under" is going up.

This Australian Chocolate is called the: DeVine Collection.

Combining Ghanian cocoa, and grapes. Both of which have a naturally high antioxidants count. Here you've two of the most taste rich sensations know to the world!

Can Lingerie Be Too Classy?

Damaris Mimi Holliday Front There are definite advantages to being a man with a sense of style, and an appreciation for lingerie!

Yeah, we're not thinking about the same things here, man. So stop with the sexual innuendos already, haha!

High Hopes Gisele Bunchen Burlesque

Burlesque Lingerie Front Here: Gisele Bündchen’s campaign images for 2011.

Following the revelation of her, GB intimates, In Sao Paulo back in May.

Colombian Pineapple Chocolate Bar

Time for some chocolate, and make that Colombian chocolate! In fact I never heard of a pineapple chocolate bar before!

Wear Less And Live Longer

BodyPaint Wear Less Live LongerI just love it when science catches up with me.

Finally they're telling women to wear less for longer lives. I've said the same things, for years...

Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar

Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar We've all been there. You've selected the movie you we want, but now you're stuck on the most important bit. You know. Should I buy chocolate, or chips!

Make Her Melt Like Chocolate

Beschle's: Séduction Noire Chocolate Close UpSo, you want to make a grand gesture, but you're out of ideas?

Here's something from Switzerland that will show that you still “got it”, while keeping it classy and stylish.

Chocolate maker Beschle's: Séduction Noire Gift Box. Combining no less than three different kinds of dark chocolates.

Agent Provocateur LAST Day Sale

Agent Provocateur  SaleThis is just a quick notice, IF you like Agent Provocateur NOW is the time to buy.

They're having a sale, and you get up to 75% off the original price! The sale ends the 31th, that means, today.

Bellow are some items currently on sale:

Carine Gilson's Summer of 2011

Oden has been busy on Google+. That’s a definite (+) for me =), BUT a definite (–) for ALL people on that network (people, my sympathies).

Meanwhile, I've been working on some thematic posts. They're looking good so far, but not yet finished.

Icon Fleur of England go Iconic

Time for me to post again. Well, Primadonna's turn really, but she said she is working on something... It's supposed to be some sort of series, we'll see!

I've been enjoying G+ lately, and with that in mind I give you Fleur of England - Iconic.

Made by Niki because A String Can Do It!

Made by Niki Well this is not Nike, BUT I bet they still can do it! OK, my smart mouth aside… there's some excellent lingerie from England. Made by Niki definitely fits the bill.

I've a theory. The pictures are bellow btw, for those who had enough of me already!

My theory goes: countries with bad weather really need their creativity.

Why? No sunshine, equals no fun when you go outside.

With the summer Sweden has had somebody is sure to come up with a time machine. So we at least can go back in time for some sunshine.

Chocolate Guide: A Piece of Paradise

Chocolate From Wikipedia!It’s time we learn about the different types of chocolate. In fact… it’s time that we learn to speak… chocolate (crunch, crunch…)!

I’ve added a few tweaks here and there, as to augment the original tutorial with pictures. It’s really easy to follow.

I mean who wants to spend too much time understanding chocolate? When you can experience it first hand =) (Original credits at the end of this revised tutorial)

Print Your Own Chocolate Designs

Chocolate PrintLately, we've featured a lot of lingerie, so... time for some chocolate!

British scientists have made it possible to print out your OWN chocolate-designs.

Ultimo Sporting the Ultimate Fresh Look?

Who can really say NO (!) to a lot of pictures with women in lingerie?

Ultimo are proud to make underwear that fits in the ranges of an A-cup to G-cup.

Felina combining Cali Shine with Function

Felina-Marielle-Full-Busted-Bra Hi, readers!

Today we'll feature a Californian lingerie label that has been featured on Oprah. Now the items they make are stylish, and YET functional.

France, winter is coming?

Chantal Thomass 1Chantal Thomass has decided it's time for winter (winter is coming…)!

Sweden just started to see real sunshine; we're rather obstinate in this regard. You have to admit I fit that big word in beautifully (or not...).

The Virgin Guide to Enjoying Chocolates

Chocolate!I found this excellent tutorial on how to enjoy chocolates. Oden here you go! Maybe this can help you appreciate the delicate flavors of chocolates.

Then maybe, just maybe, you won't ruin the experience with whisky. Or whiskey, whatever.

Venchi Gluten Free Chocolate

Venchi Gluten Free Chocolate Here is a post dedicated to all the people who suffer
from Celiac disease (aka Gluten intolerance).

I give you: Venchi, an Italian chocolate company. The
chocolate bar is called, Dark Brutto Buono Chocolight.

Unbuttoning Pussycat Dolls Lingerie

Pussycat Dolls  LingeriePussycat dolls might have somewhat fallen off the musical soundscape ... but you can still throw down, dress up, and unbutton their sexy look.

Divine Fairtrade Chocolates?

Divine Dark Chocolate

These Chocolates deserve my mentioning not just because they’re gooooood. They are...divine!

It's also a Fairtrade company where 45% of the company is owned by the farmers.

Is Violet the New Black?

BellaBellaBoutique Violet

First off I've to say our standpoint on violet is rather biased =)

Our blog theme is a combination of purple, violet and a little bit of pink too!

Real Amazons, Real Chocolate, Real Fairtrade

The Kallari Chocolate get special mentioning as it deserves it. The chocolate is the best organic chocolate in the world (Fairtrade) bar none. Yes, pun intended!

Megan Fox Does Armani, Video Inside!

Megan Fox Armani We need to stay on top of Megan Fox literally, and any other angle you might come up with.

Urban, Vikings and Lingerie

BabyPhat - Get Lost Here we go with some urban-lingerie. Their name alone is memorable: Babyphat.

Clearly, the "Get Lost" is a reference to the TV show. I mean they kinda did get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

The second set works well with me. Show up like this on my doorstep, and start making
me a home cooked meal, and I might like you!

Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Love

I'm happy to present another good Fairtrade, AND Organic chocolate brand.

Destiny's Child in Lingerie Reunion

Destiny's Child in Lingerie Reunion They might not have performed together in like five years. Still, it seems a few of them still are friends and socialize on occasion.

The occasion being Kelly Rowland's recent 30th birthday. They entered Coco de Mer which sells high end sex toys, and lingerie.

Married with Minnesota Vikings?

MINNESOTA VIKINGS Inspired Wedding Garter Set with Marabou PoufWell, I was browsing and I found this interesting football inspired wedding Garter.

I'll not even go into the fact that you Americans call something you pick up and run with a FOT-ball...(Ooops!)

Obviously, I picked this item because of Vikings. Blame my Norse blood!

Happy Valentine's 2011

Your Heart on a String It's Valentine's so I wish all you good people a great one. Well, I wish it to the people who like being BAD...too!
Watch out and don't get all messy, and stuff ;>

With strength,

A Book so Real You Can Taste It!

By far the best *hidden* surprise Valentine's gift I've seen in a while.  What's so good with it? It's so...unexpected.

You really expect it to be
an encyclopedia type-of book.

In fact, you should make a show of putting emphasis on: "hey, look what I've gotten you for Valentine's!".

Mr. Chocolate Says: be My Valentine!

Mr Chocolate Be My Valentine 

We're all tired of what Simon says, so let's heed somebody else!
Take a look at this assortment, and you'll defiantly find something to your


With strength,


Myla Combine Like Mmmlingerie

It's nice to see the ladies @ Myla keeping it in style. You can still take advantage of this offer, if you hurry. The last day is today: 2011-02-12.

UK Celebrity Bras Against Cancer

UK Celebrity Bras Against CancerTriumph has shown great character and compassion by donating bras for this event.

40 celebrities and designers have been keeping busy customizing bras in aid of a breast cancer charity. Joanna Lumley, Helen Lederer and Claudia Winkleman are among the chosen.

What Lingerie gets Tyra Banks Hot?

Tyra Banks Ceylon Bra HotpantsThe time has come for Tyra Banks. It seems our model of choice likes Cosabella lingerie.

Chuao Chocolatier Best Chocolate 2011

Origins 77% Chocolate Bar We might have mentioned this somewhere in the passing, but that is no way to treat a winner! Is it? No!

This "Origins 77% Chocolate Bar" won the 2011 Good Food Awards. It’s Made exclusively from the Venezuelan Cacao de Chuao chocolate. No soy lecithin. no vanilla.

You also have a chance to win some chocolate "delights" if you visit
their Facebook. Links are bellow.

Can Hyped Etam Lingerie Do It?

Karolina Kurkova Etam 2011

As you know. We DO like French fashion, or in this case lingerie.

When I heard about this NEW hype, Etam; I got a bit bemused. I keep tabs on divinity, and such trivial things.

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