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Trasparenze Jkai Stay Ups
Jkai Stay Ups by Trasparenze
Who said old can't be all... new like?  Blimey, who're you to say a bloke can't be cheeky when he wants to?

I'll be all like, yeah MATE the gunners are gunning for the premiership this season!

Next I'll be writing "color". Making snide remarks and making eyes with any bird fit enough that I see fit too.

Then, I head down the local pub braining a few lads heads'in hoping not to get all bolloxed up by the bobbies!

Ah, bugger it all, just look @ the pictures! Oi Primadonna, be a good lass, and back to Loch Ness with you!

Kiss Me Deadly Set
Kiss Me Deadly Sirena Balcony Bra
Sirena Balcony Bra
On the left from Kiss Me Deadly:
Sirena Balcony Bra
Sirena Brief
Sirena Six Strap Suspender Belt

Charnos Boudoir 10 Denier Lace Top Stocking

With strength
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