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Myriam Girard Lingerie

Myriam Girard Lingerie 1
Myriam Girard is a London-based French designer whom exclusively work in Silk and French Chantilly lace.

I find these designs rather enticing, however I'm not liking her colour choices. The colors just seem too bland while others are vibrant, BUT with a certain washed out quality to them.

You don't want your brand new lingerie to look washed out even before you  get to wear it!

The lingerie does show promise, but for now the classic black color designs are head and shoulders above the rest.

The website itself seemed to suffer a bit of a speed problem while I was browsing it.

A minor annoyance, but it can grow bothersome over time kind of like...YES! Oden!
Myriam Girard Lingerie 2
Myriam Girard Lingerie 3


Myriam Girard Lingerie, collection Autome Hiver 2010 | Rue de la lingerie
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Myriam Girard Lingerie 4
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