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Kate Moss Models Lingerie for Valisere

Valisere Lingerie Kate Moss 1
At 36 year old Kate still got it. I like it. You could probably use this for the fashion conscious business women. They are consciously targeting the upper market.

It kind of say: "I'm NOT the secretary; I have one of my OWN, though".

How can Moss look this good (at 36!)? Fashion Gone Rogue reports: Gui Paganini took the photos and retouching was done by Alex Wink of Studio AW.

Obviously, you have to look good to begin with, else you'll not end up looking this great.

Only problem I have with Kate is: she's too thin. That is my opinion, so I'll just keep it to myself. Opps, too late, sorry me and my fat mouth =)

If you like this, or luxury lingerie in general then you should definitely check out their website:
Valisere Lingerie Kate Moss 2

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