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Lingerie Gangsters and Lady Gaga Fights It Out

What happens when there is lingerie and a Vampire? If you happen to be a Vampire ...let us know!

For now I found a Vampire outfit that I like.

This outfit actually looks good. With Vampires being hugely popular this is a safe bet.

It does not hurt that you look like a very seductive Vampire.

The Boardwalk Empire is becoming increasingly popular.

Here is an outfit fitted for you to fight the recession. It seems to lack firepower, but it does make up for it in sheer brawn.

It might look its best on curvy women. Especially, in the front and the back.

Also, a pair of shapely legs will most definitely help in your life of crime. It will most definitely help when you need to run from the law!

Lady Gaga got balls, no, not literally people. I refuse all the mean rumors about her.

I picked this outfit, because she does what she wants.

It's also a more cheerful approach to Lady Gaga. Just watch that short skirt or the cheerful will turn into buffoons aka: men will start cheering.

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