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Keira Knightley in Lingerie of Choice

Verde Veronica Lingerie
Keira Knightley is not hot... She's just beautiful. With the "just" being terribly "unjust" to use whenever talking about her beauty...

I know. She is caught up in the thinner than thou race. Hopefully, she will eat herself right out of it before anything unsavory happens.

Knightley is one among the chosen few who actually can act. Who have the looks, personality, and integrity. Keira actually seems kinda cool, which most girls just aren't (cough, cough ... Primadona).

Photo of Keira Knightley at the 2005 Toronto I...
So with Keira's body type in mind I've chosen: Verde Veronica, an Italian lingerie design. Keira Knightley has a rather pale complexion. It would make this look visually stunning on her.

Don't be a stranger Keira! Feel free to email me the pictures. Nobody has to know, and I'll keep them safe! 

As always: no models were hurt during the cropping, but please do not try this at home!
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