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Exlusive Lingerie for a Modest Price

Let's face it. The price on lingerie alone can be off-putting. Generic lingerie cost less, but it's boring. What to do?

With the current economy Baci Lingerie seems to have an idea. They just teamed up with X-Rated, Aps in Denmark.
No, it's not porn. The Danish name just doesn't fit their company profile.

This sounds great, right? However, can they deliver? Yes, it's not comparable with the top brands. I was, however, pleasantly surprised with their designs. Take a look, and judge for yourself.

"X-Rated has more than 12 years of experienced success in brand development and distribution and complements Baci Lingerie's mission of delivering the highest-quality sexy and erotic luxury for the lowest prices ever seen on the market."

I will definitely take a closer look at great looking alternatives. If you know of one, send us a tip.

With strength,
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