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Lingerie Gangsters and Lady Gaga Fights It Out

What happens when there is lingerie and a Vampire? If you happen to be a Vampire ...let us know!

Vikings Invade Your Halloween

Obviously, people never understood Vikings. The Odin costume comes in at whooping: $1,350.00. The Viking one at: $224.99.

French Dark Chocolate Truffles Gift Box

Chocolate Truffles Gift Box
I like this French truffles box. Mostly, I like the wealth of info
that goes with it. Sometimes it's hard to give gifts to people.
Especially when they got allergies.

Hillary Swank Africa Lingerie?

Swank for me is: "Million Dollar Baby".

Exlusive Lingerie for a Modest Price

Let's face it. The price on lingerie alone can be off-putting. Generic lingerie cost less, but it's boring. What to do?

Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence Experiance

Here is about 100 reasons for Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels. I just found my new best friend.

Hello, you just don't know it yet!

Keira Knightley in Lingerie of Choice

Verde Veronica Lingerie
Keira Knightley is not hot... She's just beautiful. With the "just" being terribly "unjust" to use whenever talking about her beauty...

Thifes with Good Taste in Lingerie

It seems thiefs found and stole Vicoria's Secret (poor Victoria!). A horrible act, but at least they got a good taste in lingerie. I would be positively outraged if they stole cheap lingerie (!).

Best Chocolate Bars in the World

This is great. At times you just don't want to do the research. You want  to reap its benefits. Now you can. Thanks to chocolatetradingco for putting this kryptonite together.

This package contains what you need. An assortment of the finest chocolates to get you started. In fact, this would make a great gift. That is, IF you can see yourself giving this away...

Tara Reid

Tara Reid at 2007 Much Music AwardsThis actress is mostly known from the TV series Scrubs. Her movie career is erratic at best.Much like her relationships it seems.

A die hard party-girl if I ever saw one. She also broke off at last two engagements.

Underwear That Would've Ended The Cold War

It seems Russian girls grew bored with the cold war (is it really over?). So they cranked up the heat, and then some! These are not just any girls, either. They won't strip down into their lingerie just for anybody.

Old Chocolate is Good Chocolate?

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate can boast about being one of the oldest British Confectionery Companies.

They're known in the known world as a creator of luxurious chocolates. With assortments such as: chocolate crisps with mint, orange in dark, and milk chocolates.

Nicole Lingerie Kidman Got It!

Nicole Kidman (Eyes Wide Shut, 1999)
Nicole gets it, done! She boasted to her friends. She said: she'd chase down Tom Cruise. She did.

Kidman loves Botox too much. However, she also loves lingerie (forgiven).

Simone Perele Magie Underwired Full Cup Bra

Simone Perele - Magie underwired full cup bra
I found this wonderful Simone Perele Bra. It's called: Magie underwired full cup bra. The bra is Stylish but yet simple.

It portrays willful elegance, and it's purple!
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