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Organic but not Angelic Chocolate

Green & Black's chocolate is organic chocolate. The first ever UK chocolate to earn the Fairtrade mark. These being an organic chocolates, and one founder an environment columnist for The London Times.

I expected more especially from people with this type of background, and insight.

Kallari Chocolates has set the standard for REAL Fairtrade. Fairtrade is mainly about NOT using slave labor. That this is even an issue today is rather uncomforting. The next step: stop the abuse and exploitation of resources. Their beans, their profit.

Like IKEA, which is a Swedish cooperation that has a great concept. Unfortunately, the man behind the concept is as far from great as they come. His net worth is estimated at roughly $23 BILLION (Forbes, 2010). He spends LESS than 40.000$ on a found to: Lund's University.

What does this mean? It means that Ivan gives away about (0.000001) of a percent. To make an easy comparison IF you got an average Amercian wage of 60.000$. Spending 5$ yearly on ANY charity would make you a lot more charitable, and I mean A LOT more than Ivan Camprad. But hey, why lead by example when you can be greedy, right?


With strength,
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