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Chocolate and Coffee YOUR Ultimate Fix

It was bound to happen. They mixed coffee and chocolate. Obviously, those of you who love coffee... you'll LOVE this!

Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austen) in Lingerie Of Choice

Eva Rachline Lingerie

The time has come to dress up Evangeline in the lingerie of our choice (apparently she lost hers...). I went with something very sophisticated.

In fact, this model rather resembles Evangeline too. I think we all want to see the real Lilly in something like this.

The Classy French Maid

The second I found these classy items I knew just what to do. I emailed it with the highest priority to Primadonna.

Chocolate for the Diabetic No Sugar but Sweet

Artisan du Chocolat
This dark chocolate is produced by Artisan du Chocolat. This bar is an excellent choice for those who suffer from diabetes.

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Z) for Lingerie?

Catherine Zeta Jones at the Hasty Pudding Woma...This celeb is known for her roles in The Mask of Zorro and the movie of the musical "Chicago". She is an exotic beauty. That she is originally from Welsh came as a shock to me.

Sex and the City Lingerie by Character

Sex and the City Lingerie
Sex and the City remains very popular so it's only natural we get lingerie to fit the different characters in this great series.

Organic but not Angelic Chocolate

Green & Black's chocolate is organic chocolate. The first ever UK chocolate to earn the Fairtrade mark. These being an organic chocolates, and one founder an environment columnist for The London Times.

Elle Macpherson 47 "the Body" Still Rocking

Elle Macpherson

"The body" aka Elle Macpherson was spotted in a £2,385 Herve Leger sequin bandage dress.

She was in Brazil attending a lingerie store opening. She also has her own Elle Macpherson Intimates lingerie brand. Thus we assume she was networking in Brazil.

The mother-of-two looks in better shape than ever. A true icon of her time.

Here is a picture of her in the bandage dress. Bellow is a link to her own lingerie line.




Ensemble lingerie Elle Macpherson Intimates | Girl Tendance - Personal Sho..

Fit 4 Me Plus Lingerie

Fruit Of The Loom
Normally, we'd not feature Fruit Of The Loom. Then again, we did feature H&M.

Although the latter at least tried to upgrade its functional underwear to lingerie.

A Better Gift than Chocolate?

chocolate gift voucher
How about: a £45 chocolate gift voucher. Sometimes practicality wins. If you are short on time, or you're unsure about a particular persons taste. This is a great way to go.

Kickin It with Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz at the Shrek the Third London pre...
Cameron Diaz is the type of chick that has no problem kicking it with the boys.

2010 Luxury Chocolate Salon Award Winners

2010 Luxury Chocolate Salon Award Competitions
Here is a rapport on the winners of the 2010 Luxury Chocolate Salon Award Competitions.
For Las Vegas, Boston, and Chicago.

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