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The Devil Wears Prada Lingerie

Anne Hathaway during production of The Devil W...
Anne Hathaway most known from the excellent movie the Devil wears Prada.

Lingerie Football League

Lingerie Football
I've to admit I was skeptical. I mean, they only have lingerie to make me EVEN consider watching this.

Pregnancy and Chocolate Consumption a Win Win

Chocolate Pregnancy
As you know by now I'm always looking for excuses to eat chocolate. Here is another one.

Doutzen Kroes in Last Lingerie Hurrah

Doutzen Kroes Victoria’s Secret

Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes is four months pregnant, but hardly shows it her latest photo shoot from Victoria’s Secret.

Jessica Alba and Fantastic Lingerie

Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four
It seems that Jessica Alba and Beyonce both share a secret. Is it the secret of how they both look so good?
In part, as they both seem to know how to look their best.

Awesome Dutch...

One thing often missing in lingerie is humor. Here is the one exception. This is a lingerie add I had to watch twice, because it's that funny.

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates
I was shopping on Amazon when I found this piece. Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: General Assortment.
I really like shopping, and shopping an Amazon is so easy.

Jessica Biel in Lingerie of Our Choice

Aubade Lingerie

What type of lingerie would fit Jessica Biel?

The exclusive kind. I've picked one of my favorite French brands. A true original if there ever we one.

Aubade is a lingerie original. They actually made the Strapless bra, G-string and ministring among other things.

Lingerie that Complements Your Body Type

Their first tip in the video is questionable: soften a big booty.

Chocolate Against Cancer

As this blog is about Chocolate & Lingerie, we cannot ignore the disease that is Cancer.
However, we can help make a positive stand.

These Breast Cancer Awareness Coins made of pure Belgian chocolate sends the
right message.

They are on the short side of perfect, though. They need to donate a part of their sales to a cancer found.

With strenght,

Eva Longoria is Desperate For Lingerie

Eva Longoria at the Cannes Film Festival premi...

Is MILF a bad word? If it is I take it back!

Well... anyway, Longoria is the most glamourous on Desperate Housewife's.

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