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The World Cup in Chocolates a Messy Affair!

The World Chocolate Masters is the world’s premier culinary competition devoted solely to the art of chocolate. The theme of this edition seeks to transport participants and spectators to the mystical origins of cocoa in the distant history of Aztec civilisation. Follow the competition, from the national preselections to the World Final and the announcement of the 2011 World Chocolate Master.

Kim Kardashian in Aluring Lingerie

The curvy reality star was seen wearing a Wearing a Jenna Leigh Lingerie balconette bra by Sophia Loren.


Oaxaca, Mexico 
Oaxaca is not only the home of chocolate, it’s also the birthplace of chocolate corn, chocolate get the idea.

For their fix, locals frequent Chocolate Mayordomo, a shop with two downtown locations—which, considering Oaxaca’s small size, “is on par with the Starbucks proliferation in New York.” The icing on the cake?

A trip to Oaxaca can be combined with a stop in Mexico City to see Nestlé’s factory and its avant-garde chocolate museum.

Angelina Jolie Death by Lingerie

Oden wrote about Jennifer. I'll write about this home-wrecker.

He likes Jennifer JUST because I don't, or whatever oxymoron excuse, he lay claim to.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean paul has a great sense of style. It will be interesting to see how it translates into lingerie.

His past fashion creations and perfume have left me hoping. We'll see.

- - ODEN

Sexy Male Underwear YOUR Man should Wear

Calling it male lingerie just will not do. So, I will go with calling it male underwear.

Ladies here we go! Here is something besides US as eye candy; I mean something for you to evaluate *giggles*.

Mad Men Chocolate Adds?

Well, they're vintage so it could very well be. Be what? These adds could be produced by Mad Men. All men are mad by the way. This is why we like sports, obviously. Strike!

It's always fun to see how things have progressed over the ages. The quality of chocolate may gone down but the quality of advertising surely has not.

Primadonna wrote about Victoria Silvstedt, haha.

With strength,

Victoria Silvstedt Lingerie

Hej, hallå, det är dags att vi har lite Svenska i bloggen! (Yes, Swedish)

Joanna Krupa in Lingerie PETA Says Yes!

Joanna Krupa was born in Warsaw, Poland. Most of you might remeber her from "dancing with the stars". Watch the video-clip bellow. She has also been a lingerie model for Frederick's of Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston in Friendly Lingerie

Everybody knows Jennifer and everybody knows Brad. That I don't care much about either is not the point.

I prefer Angelina. A purely selfish choice I admit. Still, I guess I can live with seeing Jennifer Aniston in lingerie too...

Lingerie for None Photoshopped Bodies

It's good to see that lingerie is finally made to be more satisfying for all body types. Actually, shopping from different countries can help you here.
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