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Lindt Chocolate Bar to Die for

I've got a new favorite chocolate bar from Lindth. It's called: Excellence Roasted Almond. It's very affordable without being cheap. What a treat!

I really like the combination of dark chocolate with slivers of roasted almonds. Those who are oversensitive to peanuts, and hazelnuts BEWARE. As the label suggests "May contain traces of peanuts and hazelnuts".

I even left an empty package for Primadonna, not that she understood the humor in it. I did, however, explain that I just managed to "eat the cookie and keep the cookie". All she said was, "Not funny". Now that IS Funny, huh? Haha.

Lighten up Primadonna! Winter is comming, soon. Sorry, Swedish joke. Hej alla glada! Direct translation: Hey all happy. Urban it up and we get: "What's good!".

With strenght,
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