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Fun Lingerie You Wear to Make Your Man Stare

Lingerie does not always have to be such serious business. I mean lingerie is about having fun, isn't it?

Sometimes we all forget that, which is important. We get so caught up in getting the most out of the experience that we forget to enjoy it.

We sadly forget to have fun DURING the experience. This lingerie tries to rectify our shortcomings, at least in this area. There are a few designs I didn't like, but I left these out and focused on the ones that made me smile.

Bright, vibrant colors and a model that looks almost happy for a change. This is not a bored Empress challenging her loyal subjects (the common fashion photography theme).

There are a few of the designs; however, that are just too childish. This is why trying to combine cute and sexy can be very hazardous for any lingerie line.

Leave your comments and let us know what you think. Also, support me against the evils of this world. Primadonna that is.

With strength,
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