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Chocolate Cravings End Behind Bars but not Candy Bars

This article is both funny, and sad at once. Mostly sad, because somebody stole 95 chocolate candy bars, but nowhere does it say what happened next.

To the candy bars I mean, common' get your priorities straight people!  Apparently Carol shoplifted for about 450$ worth of Chocolate, and hairspray (Zac?).

She even went so far as to pull a knife, when a shop assistant asked to search her bags. Now I do get chocolate cravings myself.

I'm not sure I'd go so far as pull a knife on somebody, though. I admit sometimes the thought of it seems rather appealing.

No, no, not on Primadonna. She'd probably ruin a good knife. Besides, I've not yet been able to locate her secret chocolate stash!

My advice to you: ask some vendors for a taste of quality chocolates instead. You'd be amazed how kind of people can be.

Then If they're not there is always the Macgyver chocolate knife! I did email Primadonna, and ask her why did this crime. She hasn't replied yet!

With strength,
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