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Beyonce Lingerie of a Dreamgirl

Beyonce and lingerie... what can go wrong? Well, as a start it seems she has some trouble with her lingerie.

Rather the lingerie designs, as it seems somebody already made them!

Lindt Chocolate Bar to Die for

I've got a new favorite chocolate bar from Lindth. It's called: Excellence Roasted Almond. It's very affordable without being cheap. What a treat!

An Environmentalist Bra for Growth

Triumph has a tradition to make an uniquely themed bra. The theme draws inspiration from the Japanese culture.

Marie Jo Lingerie and You

I like Marie Jo, and I like the lingerie too. They've just added some new interesting lingerie.

Chocolate iPad makes for a Tasty Treat

A brand new Apple iPad is not a sweet enough deal by itself.

Stefan Magdalinski wanted to give something extra "sweet" for his wife Kay on her birthday in June.

Chocolate Cravings End Behind Bars but not Candy Bars

This article is both funny, and sad at once. Mostly sad, because somebody stole 95 chocolate candy bars, but nowhere does it say what happened next.

Victoria's Secret Summer 2010 Lingerie Heat

Victoria's Secret don't need much introduction at least that rings true for our US readers. Victoria dominates the American lingerie market.

Kelly Brook Lingerie from Ultimo

Kelly Brook Ultimo 1
In reply to Primadonna here is a curvy model. Not just any curvy model either! It's Kelly Brook in Ultimo Lingerie.

Boob Purse to Keep Your Assets Safe!

Whomever invented this is an evil genius! This is something you need to give your female acquaintances ASAP.

Fun Lingerie You Wear to Make Your Man Stare

Lingerie does not always have to be such serious business. I mean lingerie is about having fun, isn't it?

Rosie Huntington Whitely Lingerie Add the best?

It seems like we have featured a lot of Agent Provocateur. So... here we go with some more! This time it's not all praises.

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