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Venus Williams Lingerie got You Served

You go girl! Venus Williams is not only playing tennis. She is laying claim to her own empire.

Advertisement during these big sport events cost a lot of money. The brand names spend a lot of it on getting the right profile for their products.

Venus Williams is the product, and she does advertisement by being herself (and winning).

She gets more exposure and will be more successful because it's more authentic. She is not just paid to say she likes a product (yes, sex still sells).

Furthermore, anybody why play or played sports know that running around in something too uncomfortable in sports will punish your game severely.

Finally, to the lingerie or the outfit itself. I like it. I'm not sure about the panties even though they are set off, nicely.

I would have preferred either shock red, or black.

Then again, wearing and playing in shock red panties might even be out of Venus Williams comfort-zone!

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