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Kerr goes Grrr

I applaud this pose, it must have the majority of the male population wondering good she's at making her own bed....

Venus Williams Lingerie got You Served

You go girl! Venus Williams is not only playing tennis. She is laying claim to her own empire.

Advertisement during these big sport events cost a lot of money. The brand names spend a lot of it on getting the right profile for their products.

Lord of the Lingerie

Triumph  The Woods
"The Woods", was the winner of Triumph Inspiration Award Japan lingerie design

So Oden was talking about the fashion show that took place at the Bunka Fashion College, in Tokyo, Japan.

However, he failed to mention the actual winner! Tsk, tsk.

Tokyo goes Lingerie in Fashion

I'm rather unsure about this design, sure it fits with the summer-mood and all. Then again, it gives off a slightly cannibalistic vibe.

Even though I admit that the model is kind of cute enough to eat (not like that!).

Bianca Balti Lingerie Intimissi

Bianca Balti Is an Italian model who also worked for Victoria's Secret briefly.

The lingerie brand Intimissimi is Italian, and one of the ones I favour. Later on we delve into lingerie from different countries.

Weed is Bad for You so Start Puffin' Chocolates!

We all heard how bad drugs are for you. On a good note we also heard how bad chocolate is for you. Now they made a spray that barely has any calories, about 1 calery or so, that you can use to satisfy your chocolate cravings.


Gisele Bundchen in Lingerie There is Hope yet!

Gisele Bundchen, the 29-year-old Brazilian supermodel is the current face of HOPE lingerie. The Lingerie itself has an elegant functionality, combined with a youthful straightforwardness.

When you look at Gisele Bundchen you cannot imagine that she rather recently gave birth. In December 2009 she gave birth to her son Benjamin Brady.


Lingerie for Gamers

No More Heroes 2: struggle to get into the lingerie game. The game producers said they wanted to replicate the cool of the game into real life (IRL).

Expenses be Damned! I Deserve this.

The Noka Vintages Collection is something worthy of my notice, more so than any rants of an aspiring playboy.
The packing looks explicit, and at that price it very well should!

Chocolate World

The box contains dark chocolates from all across the world: Venezuela, Ivory Coast, Trinidad and Ecuador.
The Chocolate is made from 75 percent pure cacao with other mixtures such as cocoa butter and sugar.

The uniqueness of this chocolate manufacturer is not adding any type of emulsifier or taste of vanilla in their chocolate products.


Lingerie for the Coughar or MILF in You

Coughar Town and Sex and the City 2 made an impact in the UK. The sexually confident women and their bedding of younger men have relit interest in lingerie (spank, spank... bad, bad girls!).

The sexually mature agrees with the fact that the older women often go for the more seductive lingerie lines. I'm still waiting for a lingerie line named "MILF" to appear on the market. It's inevitable?

Personally, I find that women dating younger men or vice versa being their business. I am not like Primadonna or like women in general: applauding whenever a woman bag a younger man. Then loudly whining when an older man bag a younger woman. Hugh Hefner is such a role-model, or what do you think Primadonna? (Haters...)

With strenght,
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