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Lingerie that does Not Fit Make You Look Fat

Fauve Alissa by FANTASIE is classy, there's no doubt about that. Even the model has more of a classic appeal.

However, it does come off as a bit too bland. The model needs a tan, or you need to change the lingerie colors.

Black and white would look better here. As is: there is nothing to make it pop, and I lose interest rapidly. *Sigh* Primadonna?

The Fauve Alissa Blush can be compared with badly-fitting boy shorts. It does nothing to accentuate the female form. It hugs the wrong curves too tightly.

Let it be a lesson to you all. Lingerie that does not fit can make a fit you appear fat.

The good thing is that the bra is excellent. Just beware the other pieces!

With strength,
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