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Lane Bryant's Lingerie too Sexy?

We need more of these plus-size adds. There are VERY few people who can look their best both as curvy and petite. Most people are either of the two, or somewhere in the middle.

Forcing Vanessa Paradis into looking like Beyonce Knowles is just as wrong as vice versa. That this ad was deemed too sexy for TV by ABC and Fox is

ABC is particular is very hypocritical as one of their lead actresses in "Mad Men" has more curves than a labyrinth.

Oden said he liked the ad, but then again, he probably misread
it. It read: meet Dan for lunch. In Oden's mind, it read:
Meet Oden for lunch. As you know by now, Oden is a chauvinistic pig.
Oden, listen closely to the second line of: It's A Man's Man's Man's World.

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