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Whisky and Chocolate because It's a Man's World

Cheers people!

After Primadonnas failed attempts at humor; I found these awesome chocolates! Like me in general...just classier than whatever Primadonna TRIES to do.
Jokes aside, the artwork is beautiful, and reminds me of whiskey just glancing at it.

I like malt

I personally prefer single malt whiskey, because I like that rough smoky taste.
Whiskey combined with chocolates is an orgy in your mouth (yes, we do like orgies in Sweden). So sue me!

Whisky and Chocolate

A gourmet gift for chocolate and whiskey aficionados! This box contains chocolates carefully selected by Michael Recchiuti to pair with the suggested whiskeys.
Includes three pieces each of Kona Coffee, Honeycomb Malt, Fleur de Sel, and pairing notes. Try Michael's suggestions or pair with a whiskey of your choice!

With Strength,
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