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Impress the Ladies with Smooth Chocolates Like 007

Beschle Chocolatier are not newcomers when it comes to chocolate. Founded in 1898 in Swizerland they are proud of their legacy.

Beschle tradition

The traditional Basel-based chocolate manufacturer Beschle Chocolatier. They hope to surprise the market with its extraordinary creations. Beschle sees itself as an haute couturier in a growing market.


Normally I try to avoid whatever Primadonna writes, it's just that dull.
However, her last writings had a certain bite to it (hamster-like). Now, she was taking about the series: Married with Children. Then she made some comparisons, but she forgot to include her self.
Peggy Bundy is so Primadonna. She likes layin' on the coach a lot, doing nothing, but eating chocolates.

Back to Beschle

Back on Beschle. Their claims demands high quality, which is why the company in Basel has set itself a code of practice that will provide its sophisticated clientele with a unique and enjoyable chocolate experience.

With Strength,
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