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Go Bridal and Wear Lingerie Like a Movie Star

Lingerie Bride
What you need on your right!
I was shocked when I saw Oden talking about weddings. Though not as shocked as if he ever finds a girl to marry him!
Anyways, here are some pointers. On bridal lingerie, not on how to avoid how to get married to Oden!
  • Professional bra fitting
  • Wedding gown design
  • Slimmers or shapewear
  • Panties
  • Stockings
  • 2 garters
  • Sexy wedding night attire
What’s underneath that gorgeous gown can make or break your bridal look. Be your shapely best on your special day, and night, with the right underpinnings.

Step 1: Have a fitting
Bra Fitting
Bra Fitting!
Have a professional bra fitting close to your wedding date. If you’ve lost weight you might need a different size or a padded bra. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can actually make you look heavier.

Step 2: Match to dress
Matching Styles
Matching Styles!
Match the lingerie to the style of wedding dress. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, choose a strapless bra, bustier, or corset. Try it on underneath the dress to make sure it’s invisible.

Step 3: Use shapewear cautiously
Use shapewear or slimmers with caution. They’re often uncomfortable, and, if you have a full skirted dress, probably unnecessary. If your dress is slim and clingy, though, give them a try.

Shape it!
Step 4: Wear correct panties
Wear panties that don’t show any lines. If you have a full skirted gown, frilly or more modest panties are fine.

Stockings matter
Wear Stockings!
Step 5: Get great stockings
Get a great pair of stockings. Sagging and runs can ruin your mood, if not your look, so make sure they fit well. Thigh highs, especially with a pretty garter belt, scream bridal. Choose tights if you think you’ll be kicking off your shoes and dancing later. Buy several pairs of stockings in case of any mishaps.

Get Garter
Wear a Garter!
Step 6: Wear a *garter*
Wear two garters on your right leg, just above the knee. It’s traditional for the groom to remove one and throw it to the single men after the ceremony; you’ll want to save the second one. You can order personalized women’s garters online.

Purple lingerie is sexy
Get Sexy!
Step 7: Get sexy
Wear your choice of sexy lingerie on your wedding night. Be as prim or as racy as you like. Only you and your groom need to approve.

*Tossing the garter is derived from the old English custom called “flinging the stocking.” Guests would steal the bride’s stockings, and then take turns flinging them. Whoever threw the one that landed on the groom’s nose would be the next to marry.

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