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Biggest Chocolate Bar in the World

Italy, Rivarolo, Turin 
No this's not a porn title should be though!

I'm a bit late reporting this, but I was preoccupied trying to finish the damn thing! In Turin 15th of Mars in Italy they tried for a Guinness World Record achievement for the longest chocolate bar.
It was organised by Teorema d’Immagine on behalf of Rivarolo Urban Center. A. Giordano, a local chocolatier, had been commissioned to make the chocolate bar, which was to be displayed outside the shopping mall.

The old record to beat was 6.98 metres. The bar measured a phenomenal 11.57 metres,
obviously it became the new official Guinness World Record.

This just proves beyond doubt that whatever I do is bigger and better. Take a bite out of
that Primadonna! No choking though!

With Strength,
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