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Is All Organic Lingerie Ugly?

We all heard about eatable lingerie before, but it's time to step it up. In my mind there should be a HUGE market for organic lingerie. However, after looking at some of it...I'm very disappointed. It's more underwear than lingerie.

Ultimo Lingerie goes for Gemma Atkinson?

Gemma Atkinson
Gemma Atkinson is all grown up! If you don't remember she played Lisa Hunter on the teenage soap opera Hollyoaks. She shows that a curvy body can look just as good, or better for some,  in lingerie.

The lingerie in itself is not something I really like however.

Impress the Ladies with Smooth Chocolates Like 007

Beschle Chocolatier are not newcomers when it comes to chocolate. Founded in 1898 in Swizerland they are proud of their legacy.

Beschle tradition

Married with Lingerie?

Bar Refaeli, am I the only one who think she kind of looks like Kelly Bundy out of: "Married with Children"? Never mind, I like the lingerie, it also looks like something that could be used in the series "Mad Men". It got a 60's vibe to it, in a good way, that is. Also Don Draper is the main reason women follow the show, when and why did classically handsome go out of style?

Biggest Chocolate Bar in the World

Italy, Rivarolo, Turin 
No this's not a porn title should be though!

I'm a bit late reporting this, but I was preoccupied trying to finish the damn thing! In Turin 15th of Mars in Italy they tried for a Guinness World Record achievement for the longest chocolate bar.

Katrina Hodge Wars in Swimsuit

She is a warrior?
The UK nicknamed "Combat Barbie" who served in Iraq and joined the army at 16 wants a change. She wants to change the swimsuit round in Miss World. Maybe she should change what she is wearing? I mean, just as a start.

Lingerie or Beer? You Deserve Both!

Cheers to me never getting married Primadonna! I would yell freedom, but Mel Gibson is touchy subject at the moment.

Finally they made beercans that can hold my interest. The is a concept from Russia based design Ramm.

Go Bridal and Wear Lingerie Like a Movie Star

Lingerie Bride
What you need on your right!
I was shocked when I saw Oden talking about weddings. Though not as shocked as if he ever finds a girl to marry him!
Anyways, here are some pointers. On bridal lingerie, not on how to avoid how to get married to Oden!
  • Professional bra fitting
  • Wedding gown design
  • Slimmers or shapewear
  • Panties
  • Stockings
  • 2 garters
  • Sexy wedding night attire

Will Your Marriage Fail because of Bad Lingerie?

Arianne Penelope LongGown
Obviously, you should start out with a solid foundation. Picking out the dress before the lingerie is the wrong way to go. At your wedding night, the dress is hopefully the first thing to come off. The things you wear under is what gets OUR attention. has a few good points where they talk about: how the right lingerie will make you "look your best". Attenuate curves, select proper lingerie according to body type, and so on.

Japanese Lingerie?

I'm happy that I found this before Oden did. That way I can prevent his Japanese fetish before it gets completely out of hand. Yes Oden, we all know you got a fetish. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

what about the lingerie itself? It has potential some of the designs shows promise as does some of the patterns. It is a bit too much playbunny for my taste, however it does have a certain elegance to it.

Either way I'm happily surprised that I found out about this. There is a big market in Asia. Also as Asian women tend to be more petite this should be a viable option for petite women worldwide regardless of ethnicity.


Whisky and Chocolate because It's a Man's World

Cheers people!

After Primadonnas failed attempts at humor; I found these awesome chocolates! Like me in general...just classier than whatever Primadonna TRIES to do.
Jokes aside, the artwork is beautiful, and reminds me of whiskey just glancing at it.

Summer as a Gift?

This sweet box reminded me so much of summer that I just had to show it off. It seems it's only avaiable in USA. However, when there are chocoloates to be had... there is a way:

The box contains an assortment of Champagne Ganache, Strawberry Cream, Smooth caramel, Hazelnut crisp and crown, a coffee cup, amaretto cherry ganache, Venise Chocolate truffle, Sonja coffee cream and more.

What Katie did, the Vintage Push to Glamour?

I wrote about Myla drawing inspiration from the 1920's recently.
The UK vintage designer: What Katie Did, are among those who bring the glamour back to Hollywood.

Glamorous Hollywood lingerie

Their new Hollywood range might just be: Hollywood enough.

Vintage-styled lingerie pieces like suspenders and bras. You should take extra notice of this collections sleepwear. The black satin robe slip/nightie are a perfect examples of vintage Hollywood glamour. Ideal for wearing as a nightie or even under dresses as a slip.

Perfect fit

These items might be perfect for somebody whit a name like Primadonna. However as I'm painfully aware of, the Primadonna I know, has no taste. Keep eating those chocolates Primadonna, and at least you’ll get to taste something!

The items are available online from La Magia. The priced is £70 for the robe and £59 for the slip. For more matching lingerie pieces I suggest you visit their webpage.

With Strength,
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