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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret surprised us with seeing Heidi Klum's deliverance...

I mean seeing her back in action so soon after she delivered. I included YouTube clips of the 2008 and 2009 Victoria's Secret shows.

Heidi Klum

She always deliver but common'... you make us mere mortals look bad!

Especially as you take the Catwalk just 6 months after you had your baby! I'm somewhat humbled but never quiet, never that! What can I say? You go girl!

Usher us

As some of us recall Usher took care of the entertainment for the 2008's Victoria’s Secret fashion Show.

So who did it this year you ask? It was a group who could have had Nicole Scherzinger as their front.

However, As she was at the time preoccupied with Eden's Crush she said no. This gave room for a now somewhat bitter rival of hers.

Yes, Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson is her name and the band is the Blacked Eyed Peas.

Matrix lingerie?

The start of the show somewhat resembled The Matrix Revolutions, you know the: "let's all get naked and dance in a cave scene".

I mean how often don't we all run around looking for caves just to get naked in? For those of you who never found out the song they are dancing are in luck. I know it!

The song was originally called "Slap It" but the artist "Fluke" who changed the name of the song to "Zion".

The first model hitting the Catwalk running was Alessandra Ambrosio during a live performance of Boom Boom Paw.

Models for lunch

The male 'parts' of the band seemed a bit too intent on flirting with ALL the models. Who inevitably had to pass them by, how's that for dinner served on a silver platter?

Fergie on the other hand seemed capable of handling the fierce competition.
I mean how fun can it be to be the only girl surrounded by fashion models? Darn it, I forgot Fergie likes women too!

The next angel

Vivid colors and a fast pace sums up this year's edition of Victoria's Secret fashion show. Also, this time around 10.000 contestants became 10 as they fought over the chance to become the next Victoria's Secret Angel (Kylie Bisutti).

Also introducing my colleague Oden (Swedish for Odin...) who like most men...
well, just look at his name and judge for yourself =)


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