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Valerie Confections... What a Box!

OK, Valentines is over with! Meanwhile we here on Mmmmlingerie are just warming up.

The next item is: a delicious 24 chocolate piece. It might be the very reason why getting older is not such a bad thing! I mean, after getting this as a present, who can stay mad?

Classy chocolates

I know I was happy, but not only because I beat Primadonna to this classy item. Though, I was a big part of it, haha. Regardless, I'm on a roll. We, as men, do have MUCH more experience in GIVING than women do.


The only thing women give us: is a piece of their mind? Then they give it at the worst of times! No wonder monks chose celibacy to gain wisdom. Then again, these chocolates might very well be worthy of such a sacrifice.

With Strength,

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