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H&M's Lingerie Show

H&M's Lingerie ShowNow I've seen the Sonia Rykiel designs for H&M's Lingerie line.

There were clear differences between H&M's models and the Victoria's Secret models.

Thin or fit

Victoria's Secret looked to use models with more of a "fitness look". While H&M's models looked like they were picked for looking thin. Which do you prefer?

I like

I'm a man who likes women who are healthy because of a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Rather than the "Kate Moss" types who promotes nothing but addiction, bad foods and inevitably rehab.

Then again: I'm a dude who by his own choice jumps out of a fully functional airplane...haha!

H&M designs

What about the designs? Yeah what about them: Meh. As a Swede I'm supposed
to defend my own brand, but I won't.

When you live this far up north the sun just don't smile down on you nearly enough. The last thing I wanted to see was checkered patterns and passionless colors WTF!

Try hard sexy

I mean who want to communicate that they are that boring in bed? Yeah I said it! PASSIONLESS.

If this is rings true for you. You like guys who sports Scooby Doo boxers his mommy picked out for him. Then this is something for you!

Whoever thought throwing a bunch of models on stage trying to look sexy without any clue on how to dance was bad.

Let’s face it, Americans are able to put on a good show while the French are great at fashion (most of the time...). The sum up is: a good try in Paris, but the outcome was like another Paris’ lack of vocal talent.

Underwear not lingerie

H&M has their function though, their underwear is great for everyday use. However, for people looking for that little special something. Look elsewhere.

@Primadonna so now you're taking shots at divinity? How about you deal with gravity first, and take a shot at the weight you gained over Christmas Haha.

With Strength,

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