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GoDiva Makes for a Tasty Valentines

Godiva Chocolates

GoDiva got something great, right here. The box is classy, romantic and packed with a delicious mix of chocolates.

Men, make sure you know your chocolates before you ever give this away. Love is all about sharing remember?

Your chocolates

Know what pieces of chocolate taste the best. That way you can share the pieces you don't like. This is the important part. All is fair in love and chocolates.

You don't want to sit at the end of the day with all the chocolate she doesn’t like. Then she will ask you why you haven't shared any chocolates with her...

One for the team

Reverse it, and eat all the good pieces yourself. Then you ask HER why she didn't eat the chocolates you bought for her? Watch her suffer through it all.

Once you have mad her angry enough you just give her the second box of chocolates... haha. It's only fair she took one for the team, right?

Happy Valentines,
With Strength Oden

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