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Eastern Women More Giving than Western Women?

I like Japan, and I also like Japanese women. On Valentine's Day Japanese women give us men chocolates.
Men give women chocolates the 14th of February (White Day). Maybe somebody should introduce this fine custom to Primadonna!

Giri choco

Men with whom the women don't have a special connection with, they give giri choco to (obligation chocolate).
Usually this means co-workers bosses and none close friends. The Japanese man feel embarrassed if he does not receive chocolate on Valentine's Day. I'm officially still embarrassed, and waiting on it to pass.


Honmei-choco (prospective winner-chocolate) is given to men they love. These chocolates are more expensive and sometimes homemade. You should feel honored if you receive such a gift.

As of late girls have started to give other girls gifts too. These are called tomo-choco (friend-chocolates). Maybe giving chocolates to her female friends would not be totally forgin to Primadonna.

With Strength,
Oden - a Norse Shogun
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